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CAMP 7 : Canada's Biggest Songwriting Camp

BEATCAVE is back with another CAMP (Creatives Arranging Musical Projects) on June 17th & 18th inside of Lynx Music. We've recently signed a distribution deal with Believe Music Canada that we are super excited about that will help with visibility once we distribute the songs we shortlist. The CAMP has become more than just a place for producers, engineers and artists to gather to create amazing demos, it's also a music conference. There will be several speakers tackling some of our communities most burning questions and concerns. BEATCAVE has also added some additional perks along with everything it does in this jam packed weekend.

How Does It Work?

Producers :

Producers will have a one (2 hour) or two (4 hour) day pass for the weekend where they will control the beats playing in the room. There will be an engineer present in the room ready to track vocals from any artists that wish to record. If you purchase a one day pass you'll be allotted 2 hours for the day and are permitted to hang out for the remainder of the day. If you purchase both days you'll be allotted 4 hours (2 hours per day) to create with artists, producers and engineers.

Artists/Songwriters :

Artists/Songwriters arrive at Lynx Music and can easily figure out what genre is playing in the room. Once there is some cohesion with everyone in the room, the engineers can start recording anyone. We take the demos and decide if it's something we'd use for our upcoming releases.

How Will The Songs Be Released?

Everyone signs a split contract before coming to the event that explains the splits amongst all the creators which works out too :

30% Artists (split evenly among artists on the tape)

30% Producer (split evenly among the collaborators)


10% BEATCAVE + Distribution Rights

5% Engineers

From CAMP 6 we created some amazing music and the first single from that CAMP will be released on June 30th featuring some talented artists in the city. The song is called "Been A Minute" and it features JRDN, LolaBunz, and Fame Holiday with production from BLUXZ

Click The Link Below To Pre-Save :

What Else Is Happening At CAMP 7?

During CAMP we will have some really informative workshops throughout the weekend covering some need-to-know topics for the participants attending including : A&R Listening Sessions, Grant Writing, Sync Licensing, Radio Promotions, and Earning A Living. Take a look at some of the speakers :

Click on the pictures below to learn more about these workshop facilitators

Content Creation Studio :

During CAMP we'll also be opening up a big photo/film studio to encourage our participants to take pictures and videos for content purposes. We'll also be adding in some fun elements that will help everyone at the CAMP to work in collaboration with each other in the future. We're super excited about this new addition to the weekend and we can't wait to see what magic comes out of this space.

We can't wait to see you at CAMP!


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BEATCAVE's CAMP 7 is more than just a songwriting camp; it's a dynamic fusion of creativity and industry insights. The distribution deal with Believe Music Canada is a promising step, ensuring the spotlight on the talent generated and Soundcloud promotion amplifies emerging artists' reach, turning creative sounds into a global resonance. The inclusive approach for producers, artists, and engineers creates a collaborative hub, while the informative workshops and content creation studio elevate it beyond a music event. Exciting times for Canada's music scene! 🎵🚀 #BEATCAVECAMP7 #MusicInnovation


Very informative, but it would be possible to add a couple of videos. The fact is that most people perceive information better by ear. With video and recording, if anything, Screen Capture will help you. This is a very simple program and you will figure it out very quickly. I advise you to try it (it's completely free)

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