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CAMP: Creatives Arranging Musical Projects

BEATCAVE is bringing back mixtapes. Creatives Arranging Musical Projects (CAMP) is a unique experience. You can ask anyone who has attended one, “Hands down the best event I’ve ever attended in my music career” . Our first CAMP we weren’t really sure what to expect. We booked 10 studios, got 10 engineers, and brought out producers and artists from all over Toronto. The goal was to create amazing music, build relationship, and like all BEATCAVE events we asked everyone to, “leave their ego at the door” and as hoped everyone came ready to work. Since then we have been able to run two more CAMPS, one being a two day sleep away CAMP in the South Bruce Peninsula.

CAMP is a time to work on your craft. You are surrounded by producers, artists, and engineers at all different stages of their careers. The exchange of knowledge that happens simply by sharing space and seeing people's work flow is invaluable. It can be hard in the music industry to find safe places to explore, ask questions, and take risks but CAMP is the place to do that.

Since our first CAMP in 2019 our collaborative multi genre tapes continue to evolve with our community. CAMP4 which will be happening January 22nd 2022 we have partnered with Higher Reign Music Distribution to distribute to all DSP’s with playlisting consideration. So what does this mean for CAMP collaborators and the BEATCAVE community? It means we have the opportunity to grow our fan bases, create exposure for artists, producers, and engineers, and at the end of the day put money back into the communities pocket by collectively pushing records.

CAMP is a way for us to work together toward a common goal. Each CAMP is unique and the tapes reflect that. If you have been around the BEATCAVE community at all you know our motto is “community over competition”. Come be a part of the renaissance as we challenge the Toronto “screwface capital” mentality. Let's grow together. See you at CAMP!

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