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Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Inspired by the Marshal Mather's LP and Dr Dre 2001 Darcy began his musical journey back in high school. Darcy describes his music as, “dynamic, its bounce, it’s knock. It’s all that while keeping the artist clear and upfront”. Between producing for other people, mixing and mastering projects, and being an artist himself Darcy has found time to develop a new and innovative app to help make artists, producers, and engineers lives simpler. It's called “Studio Assist”.

Having done professional web development for the last 5 years and having a personal interest in coding for 10+ years Darcy said that he’s “always wanted to bring [his passion for music and coding] together”. Studio Assist was inspired by Darcy googling tools and not being able to find the ones he needed. Arguably just as frustrating was workflow being disrupted by load times. The goal was to create, “an app to allow [people] to Alt + Tab and save time."

Do you struggle with the notes of your scales? Or can't get your reverb just right? Do you not know the key or bpm of a track your are trying to work on? Studio Assist features tools such as tempo detection, millisecond calculator, scales and frequencies all in an easy to use interface. It really is a one stop shop for artists, producers, and engineers to add consistency and efficiency to your workflow.

Go check out Studio Assist today!

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