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Jeff Pastor, widely recognized in the Toronto music community, has been a dedicated supporter and influential figure in the independent Canadian HipHop and R&B scene since 2012. Starting his career as a host and videographer at CFRE's Royalty Radio, Pastor developed a deep understanding of the industry's dynamics and trends. As time progressed, Pastor emerged as a key player in artist and producer management. His adeptness in managing notable independent artists like Jayd Ink, EverythingOshaun, and Staasia Daniels has significantly shaped their careers and enhanced their musical success.


In 2021, drawing from his extensive experience, Pastor rebranded his enterprise as Red Tumi Management Inc., representing a dynamic array of Canadian talent. Among them is the exceptional R&B artist Leila Dey, whose vibrant performances and distinctive sound have captivated audiences. Dey's recent tour with Jessie Reyez in late 2022 not only elevated her profile in the music industry but also underscored Pastor's expertise in management. The talent roster under Pastor's management will continue to showcase a diverse range of emerging artists, including Mikoh, Baby Marky, and Boy Pape. Mikoh, recognized for her
soul-stirring voice and evocative lyrics, is set to make a significant impact in the music world.

Baby Marky, a dynamic hip-hop artist, will be known for his energetic performances and evolving sound. Meanwhile, Boy Pape is poised to redefine the Country genre with his engaging lyrics and powerful stage presence. Jeff Pastor's unwavering dedication and passion for supporting his artists have not only
garnered him widespread recognition but have also contributed to enriching the Canadian HipHop and R&B landscape. His work with Leila Dey, Mikoh, Baby Marky, and Boy Pape exemplifies his commitment to fostering emerging talent and his influential role in the evolution of the industry.

Jeff Pastor

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