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Joshua “Opto” Samuel is an artist, producer, A&R and engineer from Toronto. Growing up in church, he was introduced to Worship and Gospel music at an early age. Taking piano and guitar lessons, he learned to play instruments but was never interested in playing other songs, instead he would come up with his own melodies and write songs to them. As time passed, he eventually discovered Hip Hop and instantly fell in love with the genre and creating music became his passion. He started to release music as a rapper but later pivoted to being a music producer and engineer for other artists. He found success in this endeavour which helped him develop an ear for production and mixing. Opto has produced for a variety of artists in North America and has been featured on the iTunes Charts, various radio stations as well as many Hip-Hop blogs and websites. With a catalog of over 250 beats and over 30 songs written, recorded, and engineered himself, he consistently achieves industry standard sound. 


Joshua Samuels

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