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Walk into spaces like you're meant to be there
Photo By: Amanda Coffey

Toronto-based R&B artist Anika Marie is serving us that passionate, bold, and soulful 90's type of music that we all love and need. Anika's creativity feeds from emotional experiences. She says that

"feeling in love, feeling sexy, feeling revengeful..." are her favorite times to put pen to paper.

Anika has been rolling out her singles with titles ending in “AF” to emphasize how extreme her emotions have been in these moments that she finds herself writing about. Her next release in the series is "Toxic AF" and will be released on streaming platforms Friday, May 20th, 2022. In this track, she confronts her own toxic traits as she melodically moves through the dynamic that was her and a past lover. The pattern of ignoring the red flags, having no commitment, constant arguing yet no one wanting to leave.

Inspired by her tribe of people, Anika values loyalty. She also takes inspiration from the artists around her who have, "lifted her up during this journey". Anika says that the one piece of advice that she has gotten about the industry that has stuck with her is to, "walk into spaces like you are meant to be there". She says that she often has to remind herself of this but, "this isn’t the industry to shy away or to dim yourself".

Photo By: Amanda Coffee

Seeing success as a mindset, Anika values having joy and peace in her heart as the top priority for growth. Always in the studio perfecting her craft, smoking a spliff, and eating a snack. Anika says she takes, "harmonies and background vocals very seriously" and is consistently working.

The rest of 2022 is looking bright for this rising star as she drops visuals for her "AF" project and has multiple live performances lined up. Don't sleep on

Anika Marie shes one to watch!

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