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Becoming Fleetwood Huey

In the heart of Surrey, BC, lies a hidden musical gem : Fleetwood Huey. This rising star brings a fresh perspective to the world of Alternative-Hip-Hop. Huey is more than just an artist; he's a sonic storyteller, weaving intricate tales through his beats and rhymes

Huey's musical journey started in 2018, born from a love for freestyling and a knack for creative writing. What started as scribbles in a notebook soon transformed into full-fledged tracks, recorded in the unlikeliest of places—the Vancouver Public Library. Talk about making the most of your resources!

Since then, Huey has been on a relentless pursuit of musical excellence, dropping EPs, mixtapes, and singles that showcase his evolution as an artist. From the soulful melodies of "Sober" to the introspective lyricism of "The Cure," each track is a testament to Huey's growth and versatility. But what sets him apart isn't just his sound—it's the sincerity and love he pours into his music.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences, from technical rappers like Kendrick Lamar to alternative rock bands like Rise Against, Huey's music is a melting pot of styles and emotions. But, it all began with his older brother who used to make beats in their room and fanned Huey's creative flame from a young age.

"I pride myself on my constant drive for improvement regarding my artistry. It feels like I’m nearing that point of 10,000 hours of practice."

Huey's new single "Headache" is an intentional contrast to his earlier work. He wanted to show complexity and duality. This song is about him reflecting on all the stress that he thought music was putting on him but realizing it was the expectations he was putting on himself. It’s about his coping mechanisms and the relentless pursuit of his dreams.

So what's next for Fleetwood Huey? Well, he's gearing up for his third full-length mixtape, "Icarus," set to drop later this year. With a slew of singles already making waves, it's safe to say that Fleetwood Huey is one too watch.

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