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Raeya unearths jazz, blues and soul in her latest single “Hold Me” and she’s just getting started

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

The biggest lesson Raeya has learned in her music career is the importance of getting in touch with herself.

“The more in touch with yourself that you are, the greater (your) ability to create and connect with others.”

The 22-year-old singer-songwriter describes herself as a “pop and soul musician with a sultry-siren sound.”

Growing up in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Raeya – whose full name is Raeya Munro – uses music to touch on discussions about trauma, self-love and mental health.

Her first single “Hold Me” entails a poetic mix of earthy vocals, a mellow piano, soothing guitar and soft drums.

The opening line, “Your love is like lava in my veins,” paints the picture of a songstress who can only find comfort in her lover’s embrace. All while knowing the love won’t last forever.

A sound that reminds us that love is ever-changing and while it may not last forever, sometimes it's the path that leads you back to yourself.

Influenced by women with big vocals like Amy Winehouse, Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera, Raeya’s music shows us there is power in a soulful ballad, and sometimes your voice is the best element to captivate an audience.

For Raeya, music is not only a tool of expression, but also a way for her to raise awareness for her community.

She’s throwing a release party for her upcoming new single, “What Would I Do”, on April 29th at Turf Athletic Club in Vaughan. 50% of the proceeds from tickets to the show will go towards the Odette Cancer Care unit at Sunnybrook Hospital.

“My sister got diagnosed with brain cancer last year. Cancer had always run in my family and everyone was always very lucky but when my sister found out her diagnosis, it became a lot more personal to me. Sunnybrook is where she had her treatment ,” Raeya said.

For Raeya, music has been the therapy that's helped her through her family’s challenges.

“When I started writing “What Would I Do”, it was about being grateful and I am humble to say that I am grateful to have the support system and family that I do. Foundations are built and I am grateful to have a roof over my head and a place that I can always call home,” said the singer.

“For me, music is a positive thing, it brings light in. It brings expression to my life.”

You can find tickets to Raeya’s release party here.

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תגובה אחת

It's so inspiring to see raeya ..

Indeed, music has miraculous power to bring positivity in one's mind by Making individual calm and composed .

I wish If I was near to you I could sit in front row to witness her performance but am unfortunate.

Best wishes for upcoming song !

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