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Talking With Basil Pheonix

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

"The biggest lesson of my career so far has been to stay focussed, put the work in & protect my mental health."

Getting people to tap in with their emotions is what Basil says her music is all about. The twenty-three year old singer-songwriter has been working on perfecting her craft since 2013. Her sound a mixture of smooth and melodic R&B and Rap. Growing up Basil was exposed to a lot of different genres including Soca and Country music. All of these flavours no doubt contributing to her ever evolving sound.

In 2018 her lyrics and melodic flow is what caught the ears of judges on The Launch, where she would go on to sing as a finalist. Basil told us that being on The Launch was a, "learning experience that she will never forget". Not only did she get honest and helpful feed back from mentors Ryan Tedder of OneRepubic , Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland, and record executive Scott Borchetta, The Launch is where she was able to learn about stage presence, engaging with the audience, vocal exercises, and much more.

Although there are many things involved in being an artist for Basil she says her, " favourite part of the creative process is having an idea in [her] head, writing it down & then hearing it out loud. It’s the most satisfying thing ever & it’s the most rewarding feeling when it sounds exactly the way [she] imagined.". Basil loves writing to beats with dark ambient vibes, but also loves crazy drums, and pretty melodies. Overall Basil loves experimenting with sounds.

So what does 2022 have in store for Basil Pheonix fans? It includes a single, an E.P., as well as her first music video. I know us here at BEATCAVE are excited to hear what Basil has been working on.

Make sure you go tap in with @basilpheonix so you don't miss any of her drops this year!

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