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An Undeniable Bounce: itsQuakes heats up R&B with an Afrobeats fusion

Without a doubt, Afrobeats is at the top of the music game and itsQuakes is adding his own twist to the genre with a R&B and pop sound.

Influenced by his Ghanaian roots and early 2000s R&B and hip-hop, itsQuakes is carving a lane of his own and he’s starting in his city of Toronto.

“With two older siblings heavily engrossed in Hip Hop and R&B music, as a young child, I often found myself tuned into television shows such as BET’s “106 & Park” – soaking

in rich and melodic R&B tunes from the early 2000’s. Gaining inspiration

from artists such as Aaliyah, Omarion, Akon, and later on, Toronto native,

Drake. As an early teen, I also traveled to Ghana where I spent my

teenage years and discovered a passion for Afrobeats,” says itsQuakes.

Using his background as a foundation for his musical storytelling, his sound tugs

on emotional strings, while, at the same time, making you dance.

The first few seconds of his single, “Banana”, will immediately have your head bouncing. “She’s hot like a sauna, and she say she from Ghana, shorty want my banana.” A fun play on words and an undeniable beat, itsQuakes is bringing a sound we would hear in Ghana to the North in a truly authentic way.

His latest single, “Knight”, takes a slower pace – telling the story of a man who wants to do right by his woman. A sensual R&B sound, itsQuakes shows off his vocals and lets his passion shine through in a way that will resonate with the lover boys and girls.

Although his music has a unique sound, itsQuakes says there’s no formula to his art.

“The biggest lesson I have learned in my career so far is to remain a student and remain flexible. Times are always changing, sounds are always changing and I have found that in order to continue to grow you have to remain open-minded to learning new things,” he says.

For itsQuakes, being adaptable will be the key for his music but he also knows consistency breeds success.

“For 2023, I would simply like to remain consistent. Oftentimes as an independent artist you run into a plethora of hurdles that make it discouraging and difficult to keep going. Therefore, my goal is to remain unwavered.”

With a cup of tea in hand in the recording booth, itsQuakes is just getting started and promises to have new music on the way. Look out for his new single, “Bank On It”, on streaming platforms.

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