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The biggest lesson I have learnt in music is to just be myself. People will critique you good or bad regardless just do you.

HndFll may be far from Trinidad and Tobago but her Caribbean upbringing will always inspire her songwriting. Surrounded by music since childhood HndFll sang in her church and school choirs before her family made the big decision to move to Canada. After the move to Toronto, it took some time to find her way back to music but the love for her art never went away.

Inspired by her parents and their, "constant ability to be resilient and remain steadfast in their faith in God when faced with trials and tribulations." HndFll says that after making the move to Canada there were and still are major obstacles but watching her parents rise above it all has remained a source of inspiration. This admiration for her parents is definitely tightly linked to her definition of success. HndFll says that it is important for her family to move together, "as a unit" and that her success will be defined by the ability to take care of her family.

Resistant to being confined to one particular genre of music HndFll's vocals can be found on everything from Soca and Dancehall riddims to R&B & Pop tracks. Her latest track Tantalize which dropped June 7th is a perfect record to jump-start summer 2022. This song tells the classic story of falling for someone, being smitten, not wanting to move too fast, but the desire for them growing more as you hide your feelings less. The clean island-sounding production with Hndfll's warm and controlled vocals will have you humming along before you even know the lyrics.

HndFll is ready for, "more releases" and says she is ready to "create more opportunity for herself in the music industry" over this next year. We are excited to see what's next for this talented artist as she continues to perfect her sound and deliver us more fire records!

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