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Meet Ladrie the Indie rock artist who just dropped the summer smash you need to listen to. Heart-Eyed Idiot is everything you want in a song; catchy melodies, air guitar-worthy instrumentation, and a hook you can’t stop humming. This Toronto-based Filipino Canadian singer-songwriter strives to transform complex lyrics into sonic and visual treats that play with the listener’s nostalgia.

Born into a musical family Ladrie told us he remembers his grandparents, “sitting in the living room making their own demo tapes.” But just because Ladrie was immersed in music from a young age does not mean his personal journey to becoming an artist has been easy. He remembers going to vocal competitions where industry professionals would tell him he was, “underdeveloped, sad, or overall boring.” Instead of being discouraged by such feedback Ladrie decided he wanted to make music on his own terms.

“Whatever feels good, whatever takes you mountain high"

is not only Ladrie's favorite quote, it seems to sum up how he likes to live his life. Going out and experiencing new things with people he loves brings him joy and inspires a lot of his writing. You can hear this raw, natural, organic quality in Ladrie’s songs, and Heart- Eyed Idiot is no different. As soon as you hear the plucking of the guitar you are already transported into Ladries world. His smooth almost classic voice and buttery tone compliment the pop/punk-sounding production. All of this coupled with his relatable lyrics will have you pressing repeat.

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