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Purple Matter: Taking Back The Power

Instead of waiting and hoping if artists will hop on a song, Purple Matter takes the power back in their own hands by releasing music with artists together - Jerome Ferguson

Purple Matter is the hottest new producer collective out of Toronto. Managed by BEATCAVE founder Jerome Ferguson it is just a matter of time before Purple Matter becomes an industry staple. JDMakesNoise, JackG, OP, HBeats, and Mikehaze joined forces in June 2021 after Jerome noticed a gap in the music industry. Jerome says, “there are very few producer collectives that release music like artists. Instead of waiting and hoping if artists will hop on a song, Purple Matter takes the power back in their own hands by releasing music with artists together”.

Jerome is passionate about Purple Matter and producer collectives in general because “producers deserve more recognition and spotlight in the industry”. He strongly believes that building a brand as a producer can come in different forms but if more producers, “ built their brands effectively, they could have leverage when it comes to negotiating prices for beats, points or even a deal.”

Purple Matter sessions are always a fun time. Having so many different and talented producers on the team allows them to not only work quickly but to maintain quality and play with a lot of different genres from Latin, Pop, Trap, to R&B and Soul. Purple Matter is focused on creating long-lasting relationships with collaborators and continuing to build their network.

2022 is set to be a break-out year for Purple Matter with monthly releases featuring crazy talent. They have managed to lock in with artists such as: Suziwithanuzi, Guapo4440, Shayal, Dojaboytan, Layla Hendryx, Amber J, James Lean, and their most recent release featuring Juug Jay, “Make It Clear”. In addition to these collaborations, Purple Matter will be releasing a Lowfi Tape "Alien Lofi Girl" for all your relaxing needs as well as their first music video set to drop summer 2022.

Let's get to know the producers of Purple Matter:

JDMakesNoise is a Producer/Engineer from Toronto, Canada working on Hip/Hop, Trap, Pop, Latin, and Punjabi Music all over the city. JD has been a Engineer for over 8 years working out of over 6 different studio locations with Toronto talent like Duvy, Honcho Hoodlum, Jay Brown, Jaycee and more. Along the way he learned how to make beats and producer artists from many greats from the city before him.

Jack G is a 20 year old producer who was born and raised in Toronto, Canada. Jack G has been making beats for around 3 years now, but has always had an ear for music having played the drums and guitar as a kid. While he specializes in trap, hip hop, and R&B production, Jack doesn't limit himself to any particular genre(s) and is always looking to explore new sounds by drawing inspiration from the production of Kanye West, Wheezy, Kenny Beats, Mike Dean, Metroboomin, and many more.

OP is a 22 year old producer and recording/ mix engineer, with over 10 years of experience in producing and 5 years engineering, OP has been able to make beats for artists like Blockboi Twitch, Jahkoy, Amber J, Kiki Rowe & many more. OP is in tune with many genres including hip hop, R&B, Dancehall, and EDM to name a few.

Hbeats is a 19 year old producer from Toronto Canada who has been producing for 3 years and worked with artists such as Jay Critch, Dusty Locane, Ron Suno, LB Spiffy, Dyemond Lewis, Sha Ek, Sosa Geek and many more. Most recently he hit #9 on Billboard with a production on Fivio Forgien B.I.B.L.E. He specializes in drill, rnb, and trap beats.

Mikehaze is a 27 year old out of Brampton, an artist / producer with over 11+ years of production and 3+ years recording experience. Mikey has worked with the likes of Raz Fresco, Tre Mission, 6thletter, Cadell, Splurt Diablo aka Merky Ace from the UK. The genres Mikey produces are , Trap sound, Triphop, Indie , Hiphop and R&B

Stay tapped in with Purple Matter with their collective energy, determination, and talent they are setting themselves up to break records.

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