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YoungTN is a 3x platinum-selling music producer from Toronto, Canada. Born Thanush Perinpanesan to a Sri Lankan household, TN grew up around music and was exposed to a unique combination of Tamil/Indian culture and contemporary American rap in his youth. Armed with a humble home studio and a sharp business sense, the 17-year old producer has quickly become one of Toronto’s go-to producers following several successful major releases with the likes of Lil Baby (Social Distancing), Lil Baby & Lil Durk Ft. Travis Scott (Hats Off), NLE Choppa (Moonlight), Toosii (“Platinum Heart & Poetic Pain”) and many more. TN is part of a new generation of independent producers reaching major achievements through a mixture of work ethic, DIY learning and business hustle.


  • Members of the Global Beatmakers League program can book meetings with industry professionals after purchasing one of the plans, which include the ability to showcase their music, seek advice based on the professional's expertise, and the potential to connect with other people in the music industry. 

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