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Aeon Wang, a professional in Toronto's music industry, holds roles as an A&R at Sony Music Canada and a producer at LAB0916. Juggling the city's diverse talents, including influencers, musicians, and actors, Aeon has orchestrated client appearances on notable platforms such as the CBC Gem series TOPLINE and Gangnam Project. His strategic finesse shines through with over 8 million Spotify streams and prime placements on influential playlists. Having collaborated with notable brands, such as Spotify, on projects like R&B First Nights, showcasing talents like Coco Jones, Aeon also occasionally steps into the role of an event producer. In partnership with MODO-Live, he has contributed to the success of tours like Junny's 2022&2023 "blanc" Tour, GEMINI's 2023 "Still Blue" Tour, and SHAUN's 2023 "On The Road" Tour, among others. Aeon is always seeking to bridge the gap between global music industry professionals, looking forward to discovering new talent and engaging in more musical projects.

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