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Vancouver Mini-Camp

On March 30th, Beatcave will debut the acclaimed CAMP event in Vancouver BC, offering an inclusive songwriting experience for music creatives of all backgrounds and experience levels to learn, collaborate, and connect. Marking the event's first expansion beyond Toronto, Beatcave aims to foster a sense of community in British Columbia. Recently securing a distribution deal with Believe Music Canada, Beatcave provides increased opportunities for artists to release music, with notable success on Spotify, Apple, and Amazon Music playlists. Admission to the event is free for Beatcave members, while non-members can attend for a fee of $49.99, with limited spots available for 16 writers and 8 music producers. Don't miss this chance to participate!

What's Happening?


Beatcave is fostering a vibrant creative ecosystem in Vancouver! By providing opportunities for musicians to network and collaborate, they're not only enriching the local music scene but also building a sense of community among Canadian artists. Encouraging connections that extend beyond the event itself can lead to long-lasting friendships, fruitful collaborations, and even new business ventures. It's wonderful to see organizations like Beatcave supporting the growth and cohesion of creative communities.

Music Created

At the Vancouver Mini-Camp, the music crafted during the songwriting sessions has the potential to be released through our distribution partnership with Believe Music Canada. Under this arrangement, the proceeds from the selected music would be distributed among various stakeholders. Artists would receive 30%, while Producers would also receive 30%. Believe Music Canada would claim 25%, Beatcave would retain 10%, and the engineers involved would receive 5%. This equitable distribution ensures that all contributors, including artists, producers, engineers, and the distribution partner, are fairly compensated for their efforts. Such a system not only fosters creativity but also ensures that everyone involved in the music-making process is valued and recognized for their contributions. 

How Does It Work?

Beatcave is introducing an innovative event in Vancouver, offering a platform for producers and artists to collaborate. The event will feature four rooms, each available for producers for 1.5 hours. Here, they'll showcase their beats for attending artists to find the perfect vibe and begin crafting their lyrics. Once artists are ready to record, experienced engineers stationed in each room will be on hand to assist, capturing the magic as it unfolds.

Throughout the event, participants will have access to food and drinks to ensure their creative energies remain high during the songwriting camp. Additionally, artists will have the opportunity to book 10-minute meetings with marketing managers for personalized guidance on how to enhance their visibility and approach their marketing strategies effectively.

This marks the debut of Beatcave's initiative in Vancouver, bringing a concept originally from Toronto to the diverse creative community on the west coast of Canada. It's an exciting opportunity for local creatives to come together, collaborate, and elevate their craft.

Oct 04, 2024, 8:00 p.m.
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