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Beatcave Membership: Your Path to Music Industry Success

Beatcave Membership offers a strong support system, delivering education, services, and networking to help you thrive in the music industry. Regardless of whether you choose a bronze, silver, or gold membership, our aim is to fully support creatives. We start with a personalized phone call to understand your goals and objectives, customizing our membership to meet your specific needs. Acknowledging the financial challenges faced by creatives, we have designed this membership to ease some of that burden while fostering the growth of the Canadian music community and its infrastructure.

Music Distribution (Gold)
Radio Promotions (Gold)
Marketing Services (All Tiers)
Free Studio Time (All Tiers)
Publicity Discounts (All Tiers)
Creative Development Consultations (All Tiers)
Free Workshops (Silver & Gold)
Discounts on CAMP (All Tiers)
Discounts on Creative Services (All Tiers)

Sync Placement Opportunities (All Tiers)



How Does it Work?

The Beatcave Membership begins with a personalized phone call, delving into the details of the membership while aligning with the goals of each music creative, offering value across its tiers to save money, expand networks, and gain industry insights, enhancing the journey for creatives.

I'm A Producer/Beatmaker is This For Me?

The Beatcave Membership is an ideal choice for producers and beatmakers, offering not only essential services like distribution and promotion but also valuable educational resources, a complimentary hour of studio time with an engineer, and other exciting opportunities to boost beat sales.

Can I Cancel Any Time?

Yes! We ask for seven days notice but you can cancel your membership at any time.  

 Simply email saying you would like to cancel your membership for the upcoming month.

Where Do You Have Membership Programming?

Join our exclusive Cave Club events, available to Silver and Gold members in Toronto and Vancouver, where you can engage with industry speakers, share your music, participate in open mics, and network with fellow music creatives, fostering valuable connections within the industry.

Yangaroo Pro Account Services

Become a Gold member and unlock substantial discounts on Yangaroo radio promotional services, granting you access to lower pricing for radio stations such as CBC, SiriusXM, and others across Canada, the US, Latin America, and Europe, presenting a significant opportunity for creatives to expand their audience reach and foster connections in the music industry.

Believe Music Canada Distribution

As part of our Gold membership, members gain exclusive access to distribution services from Believe Music Canada, a partnership signed in 2023, which has resulted in releases garnering over 90K streams and securing placements on major editorial Spotify playlists such as New Music Canada, Northern Bars, Bounce, and more, maximizing the reach and impact of their music.

Free Studio Time

Members in Toronto can enjoy a monthly complimentary hour of studio time at Secret Weapon Sound, our studio partner, where they can work with our head engineer OP.WAV, known for recording some of Toronto's most established artists, offering unmatched service in a stunning studio located in the heart of the city, all at an exclusive price for our members.






    Every month
    This membership allows our members to get free studio time, discounts and services
    • Discounts to Creative Services (Beats, Mixing, Videography)
    • 10% Off Paid Beatcave Events
    • Free Studio Time/Month
    • Promotion on Toronto/Vancouver Music Community
    • Exclusive Access to Sync Opportunities
    • Discounts on Marketing, Press Releases and Promotion

    Every month
    Get access to the community network to maximize your career
     14 day free trial
    • Access To Cave Club Events
    • Free Studio Session Per Month
    • 20% off paid BEATCAVE events
    • Featured articles on BEATCAVETORONTO.COM
    • Promotion on Toronto/Vancouver Music Community Instagram
    • Exclusive access to sync placements for film & television

    Every month
    This premium membership allows for the same things in the standard membership with extra perks
     14 day free trial
    • Believe Music Canada Distribution Deal
    • Yangaroo Pro Account Access (Radio Promotion)
    • 50% Off CAMP (Must've Been A Member for 30 Days)
    • Access to Cave Club Membership Events
    • Free Hour of Studio Time/Month
    • Access to Our Creative Services (Beats, Mixing, Videography)
    • Discounts on Marketing, Press and Promotion
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