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Achanté brings a dreamy, ethereal sound to Toronto

Achanté is stepping out of her own way.

The Mumbai-born, Toronto-based singer-songwriter creates unique soundscapes – a mix of alternative R&B, soul and jazz. Drawing from her Indian roots and world experiences, Achanté’s sound is one that takes you on a romantic journey.

Her music is inspired by 70s funk, soul, Disney movies in her childhood, gospel, hip-hop, and even opera — but the biggest motivation for her songwriting is in nature.

“I'm most inspired in, or around nature. Especially water. I find that, as a person who struggles with hyperactivity and a mind that's always buzzing, I can only ever experience true calm or inspiration in the quiet of nature,” she said.

In fact, nature influenced the first four songs she ever wrote.

“‘Serotonin Skies’ was in a heavy deluge of rain; ‘When I'm With You’ started on a boat in Thailand; ‘The One Who Got Away’ was also rain; ‘Crush on You’ and ‘Sayu Song’ were both sitting on a beach in Sayulita, Mexico, looking out at the Pacific,” she described.

Achanté’s debut single ‘The One Who Got Away’ created waves in 2022 and now, she’s gearing up to record and release her EP, starting with ‘Serotonin Skies’ which was just featured by Rolling Stone Magazine.

Singing of love, endings and the oasis that is life, “Serotonin Skies” sets the stage for an EP that brings depth to the Toronto music scene.

Yet, despite her soothing voice, her music journey was far from easy.

When asked about her biggest challenge as an artist:

“Myself. And Capitalism.”

“By myself, I mean I get in my own way a lot. I say yes to too many things, bite off more than I can chew. I like being busy – it's part of my DNA – but that also means less time to create. It's really hard to truly chase success and recognition as an artist in 2023 with all the undue but inescapable importance given to constant social media posting, keeping on top of trends, maintaining an online presence, branding, keeping track of events, applications, doing all the admin work – basically being a one-woman team. In addition to having a full time job, and maintaining a house and relationships… it's really hard and takes away from the time that could be spent creating for the sake of creating. Existing in a vacuum outside of responsibilities, financial stress and chores – this is where capitalism is to blame, largely,” the singer said.

In times of doubt and stress, she refers back to her favourite quote: "Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear,” a saying by George Addair.

Yet, success for the young artist isn’t owning a mansion and gold chains.

Success for Achanté is the ability to perform, create music and thrive in our current capitalist society.

“I hope that first and foremost, my music resonates with people far and wide, and makes someone, somewhere, feel something.

I hope that eventually, my music opens up avenues and opportunities for me to perform in different cities, countries, that also allows me to travel, learn about different cultures and collaborate with artists all over the world…And I can give back to the community,” she said.

As she rolls out new music, Achante’s eyes are on the JUNOS – maybe even the Grammy’s. She’s hoping to eventually produce and DJ in the city.

A soft soul who “loves love” and describes herself as “too optimistic for her own good”, Achanté hopes to change the way we consume music, reminding us that love leads.

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