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The Ever Evolving: GoogleChromeBoy

"Being rich and famous would be cool and all, but I really just wanna live a regular life, paid for by my gift of being a performer and songwriter."

Inspired by his guitar playing Mom Marcus, aka GoogleChromeBoy says, " that woman is the strongest person I know and I find myself leading by her example a lot." That also means following in her guitar playing footsteps. Starting guitar lessons at the young age of 10, he excelled in electric guitar and went on to play the instrument in hardcore/punk bands as a pre-teen. He remembers going on stage for the first time at 12 years old with the band his teacher had hired and absolutely tearing it down with Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit at the age of 11. He had not only fell in love with making/playing music by then but at that point I also fell in love with performing.

As he grew into his early teenage years, he fell in love with Hip-Hop and deeply studied the roots of the genre. He would eventually begin writing his own lyrics and participating in local rap ciphers when he noticed the studying paying off, and it showed in his ability to craft a song. It wasn’t until his mid-twenties that he would decide to chase the dream of pursuing a music career. Throughout his musical journey Marcus says that his has learned,

"Don’t take things so personally, everyone is focused on themselves, rightfully so."

When asked his definition of "success" GoogleChromeBoy said, " I will consider myself successful in the music industry when I can comfortably live and provide for my family solely off my creative talents." Having been cultivating his craft and refining his recording process Marcus is ready for a year of releasing quality music for his fans and hoping to meet new ones as he travels to cities such as Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Miami.

We are excited to see what 2022 has in store for this emerging artist!

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