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Dario Dvon: Music Is My Sport

Impressive vocals are only one of the reasons you are going to love Dario Dvon. This rising R&B artist from Barbados is an award-winning vocalist and seasoned performer. Holding the title of "Best Male Vocalist" in the "Sandles" chain, runner-up for the "Whose Next" competition, and finalist for "Baje to the World Talent". Being raised in Barbados by a Calypsonian father deeply influenced Dario's love of music. Growing up watching him write songs and being surrounded by music in his house created the perfect launching pad for Dario's talent. Dario is no stranger to hard work. His dedication to his art has recently brought him to Toronto to enter the next season of his music career.

Armed with his notebook and an unwavering commitment to making music that, "colors the silence" Dario is ready to meld all of the skills he has been working on with his new studio release "Roses". From the initial strum of the guitar, you can tell it is Dario's world, and we are all just living in it. His powerful vocal combined with nostalgic production will leave you wanting more.

Dario's mindset around success is another reason we know that this is just the beginning for this rising star.

In my mind, I have made it. I have done something I've wanted to do since I was 15 years old, releasing my 1st song. Despite the challenges of life, I can say I added music to the world.

Dario told us that one of the biggest challenges he has overcome in his music career has been learning to fully trust himself and his talent. But he has learned that "everyone isn't gonna like you, your job is to like you first, their like is extra". It is his desire to continue to grow as a performer and vocalist and his unwavering commitment to himself that will leave you fully invested in Dario's next move. You heard it here first Dario Dvon is the one to watch!

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De Vere Tempro
De Vere Tempro
16 okt. 2022

That song is like a Rose bud getting ready to bloom and release a fragrance to the world

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