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Leroy Escobar: Inspired To Inspire

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

From starting out in a makeshift recording studio in his basement to opening for artists like Yung Tory, Nascar Aloe, SpaceMan Zack, and Bad Neighbors "Esco" is up next from Rexdale. Drawing inspiration from his Cuban-Salvadorian roots Leroy Escobar prides himself in his bilingualism. Writing and performing in both Spanish and English, he seamlessly transitions between the two to create captivating Spanglish flows.

For fans of Esco, we have seen the evolution from his earlier releases to the artist you hear today. Writing his first rap in grade 1 Esco says that if he was, "anything other than an artist I would be a shell of myself". For Esco, it goes deeper than music. His desire to influence and positively impact his community is a priority in the process.

Pure souls carry heavier loads, the universe is counting on you

He wants to continue to push forward the culture in Toronto and inspire the youth coming up behind him. A big part of that for him is the lyrical content he creates. You can feel the weight of his intention in his latest release "What Do You Have To Lose?" From the production to the vocal everything about this song is repeat worthy. Counterculture lyrics encourage people to realize that material things and "clout" are irrelevant. You may come for the music but we guarantee you are going to stay for Leroy Escobar's vibe.

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