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"As artists we create not knowing where it's going to go and when you see the impact it has on other people it makes the process all worth it."

Jamaican-Canadian musical artist, Lexxicon is the definition of passion and persistence. It is almost impossible for an audience to not become consumed by the intense energy that radiates through his music and the long-lasting impression of his dynamic live performances. With music that sounds like a crossbreed between PartyNextDoor and Sean Paul merged with a strong artistic vision, to push the boundaries of the industry, Lexxicon is quickly rising through the ranks to become a household name. Lexxicon’s inspiring rise as an artist has been captured with interviews featured on Sauga 960am program, New Theory Radio, We Love Hip Hop, Studio01, Global 640 am’s kultur’d podcast, The Ryersonian, and the Halifax, NS-based Art Pays Me podcast. He has also been featured in media outlets such as Exclaim, Breakfast Television, e-Talk, NOW Magazine, CBC Radio and RX Music.

How has living and having roots in multiple countries affected your sound?

It gives me a lot to draw from when I am songwriting or looking for production. It also means that I feel like I can do any sound I want, I've listened to and love so many. Through my released music you'll see that I have a main theme or vibe but I also like to try new sounds just for fun and will be doing that with upcoming releases.

What’s your process for writing a song?

I always start with a hook melody when I am writing. I won't even finish the rest of the song if I don't come up with a dope hook. I also like to have a draft of random song titles to draw inspiration from, as well as random phrases that I hear and write down. I prefer to have the production done before I start writing because I find it makes it easier for me unless I have something specific in mind. Then I will start from scratch with a producer.

What did you feel the first time you heard your song on the radio?

It was very weird I was like oh shit that's really me and my song that I wrote in my room and thought no one would hear. Yeah it was a good experience it was local Canadian radio which is a great start, so fingers crossed for international radio soon.

What has been the most impactful moment in your career this far?

The most impactful moment for me was when I did my Album release party and it was such a vibe to just see fans and other creatives just come out and support my body of work. As artists we create not knowing where it's going to go and when you see the impact it has on other people it makes the process all worth it.

What would “making it” look like for you?

Making it for me would look like being signed to a major label with a 80/20 split deal in my favour where I keep all of my publishing and have ownership of my masters which are just licensed to the label for a few years. It would also look like touring across the world and have my song do well on the charts in multiple countries outside of just Canada. Once I am able to do that and start my own fashion line and line of lifestyle products, be on a few magazine covers then I'll feel like I made it!

Tell us about AFROWAVETO:

AFROWAVETO was something I started out of not seeing many spaces in Toronto that supported Dancehall, afrobeats, reggaeton and reggae music. A lot of funding and focus went to R&B and Hip-Hop when it comes to Urban music. Having a monthly showcase before COVID really helped to build community and show that there are so many artists with this sound here in Toronto and that Toronto has diverse sounds that just haven't been promoted. With a great team I'm glad we were able to do a Virtual Festival this year and just again promote a lot of acts and push them.

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