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Mira: The Instrument

Updated: May 19, 2022

A lot of people say there’s no need for a plan B if you’re so focused on plan A - but what people forget is that a plan B and C can look very similar to plan A.

Scarborough based artist Mira isn't defined by genre. From quietly playing guitar and singing in her room so her parents wouldn't hear, to playing shows across Toronto, Mira is continuing to build her catalogue by working with Toronto producers on a mission to create timeless hits.

In her adolescence Mira would write poetry. By 2018 that childhood hunger for music crept in again. She put her first poem to a beat and the rest was history. Mira is always wanting to try new things in the studio. Her newest release "Eye Spy" is definitely easy listening blending elements of Hip/Hop, R&B, and Pop. The catchy hook highlights the natural, wholesome, nature of Mira's voice.

Even though music was "frowned upon" in her childhood Mira says her biggest inspiration and motivation is her family. That making it in the industry would be defined by her being able to take care of her loved ones and community. Mira has a strong desire to live a sustainable and independent life, she wants to be her own boss, living a life fuelled by her creative skills.

Your inspiration is what makes you get up every morning and gives you a reason to fight for your dreams. All the people I’ve met in life - all those random strangers that I opened up my soul to that I’ll never see again - all the pain and hardships I’ve gone through and my loved ones have gone through - inspire me everyday - not only to be a better artist but a better human being.

Mira is as easy to be around as her music is to listen to. She is humble, open, and radiates the ultimate "chill factor" -although this demeanour shouldn't fool you. Mira is a force with a pen and continues to develop her skills in the booth. We can't wait to see what the rest of this year looks like for this rising Toronto talent.

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