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PHILYNCH: Taking You On A Journey

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Scarborough native Philynch is a Producer/DJ bringing you a fusion of hip-hop and electronic music. His recent project Beatpack Vol. 4 is full of head-bopping, stank face, emotional moments. Featuring unique sound choices, mindful drums, and solid mixing this project is easy to listen to and will spark inspiration for any songwriter.

Philynch started piano lessons when he was 5 years old which he states he "hated". He didn't truly start falling in love with music until he was exposed to electronic music in 2012 at VELD an electronic dance music and hip hop festival held every year in Toronto. Philynch soon started DJing after this and later got into production.

Even if the music is old, if someone is hearing it for the first time, it's still new music.

Not only is Philynch a working DJ and Producer he is the founder of a music and arts group called HYPE (Helping Your People Evolve). HYPE is focused on arts and education. Showcasing community members including himself and their talents. Most recently they hosted a DJ workshop teaching people foundational DJ skills.

Philynch is not stopping his year with Beatpack Vol. 4. His goal is to complete a compilation album featuring artists he knows and artists that he wants to work with. Philynch wants to take people on a musical journey and we are here for the ride.

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